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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Spaces Between Your Fingers Project

Today, just before closing, a young guy came into my gallery. He looked like an interesting, arty dude, and he started to tell me about his community art project he's launching, called The Spaces Between Your Fingers Project...it's pretty cool. He's traveling across the country, headed west from Philadelphia, to Seattle, down to southern California, back east. He's only been in Charleston for 6 hours and he's driving up to Chapel Hill tonight. His goal is to meet 3,000 creative individuals in 30 days. Very cool. I wish he could stick around to meet all the CAC kids at Town Hall on Tuesday!
Check out his website and see for yourself. Matt is the man behind this, and he's printed up all these cards for people to draw their own hand's outline on, and then fill it with advice to America. The cards are then to be mailed back to him in Philly and there will be a whole exhibition of them. You're supposed to go around and find the hand that fits your own perfectly, and the advice that is contained therein, well, that's for you. He's going to scan them all and put them online, so you can find your own card down the road, if you can't make it to the exhibition. Being a writer, I'm sure Matt will take this project into something even more than just the visual display.
I have 10 of these cards, so if you want one, let me know! email stacyhuggins@live.com
I hope you will check this out, and be inspired, moved, motivated, whatever! It's great to see the work of other Creative people in our country--makes you feel like all the hard work going on in Charleston and beyond really has a purpose and will make a difference.
Keep up the good fight guys & cheers!