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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post Your Name, Contact, Comments so We Can Continue This Coversation

The Coalition has regular Meet and Greet meetings for Members where you get a chance to talk one-on-one with people that you met at the Creative Town Hall, share ideas and start a new partnership. Post your comments, your ideas and suggestions or your contact info if you want to be contacted by other attendees. Thank you for participating!


Town Hall Meeting August 25

The Charleston Arts Coalition conducted a survey titled the " Voice of the People" - results of this survey were presented at its Creative Town Hall meeting on August 25.

Some Survey Facts:
What's missing in Charleston arts community:
- public awareness
- creative arts district
- leadership
- networking
- support from business community
- networking
- creative community needs to be seem as professional
- multi-functional facility

277 people took the survey - leading age group 40-49 (28%)

72% of the surveyed people believed that there is a need for a group that unites the creative arts community in Charleston.

Special Guests that attended the Town Hall meeting:

Katie Fox and Jeanette Guinn from the SC Arts Commission
Ellen Dressler Moryl, Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs
Marty Besancon, Cultural Arts Director of the North Charleston Cultural Arts
Mark Sloan, curator at the College of Charleston's Halsey Institute
Karen Chandler, co-founder of Charleston Jazz Initiative and Arts Management Professor at the College of Charleston School of the Arts
Sharon Gracie, Artistic Director and Co-founder of Pure Theater
Kyle Barnette from the Charleston Ballet Theater


John Zinsser of Pacifica Human Communicatrions
Contact: jzinsser@conflictbenefit.com

In the audience:

West Fraser, artist, Helena Fox Fine Art
Lese Corrigan, artist/owner at Corrigan Gallery, president of CFADA
Robert Lange, artist/owner, Robert Lange Fine Art
Tom Starland, publisher, Carolina Arts
Erin Glaze, director, City Gallery at Waterfront Park
Nandini McCauley, marketing coordinator, School of the Arts at CofC
Angela Mack, director, Gibbes Museum of Art
Marla Loftus, Gibbes Museum of Art
Patrick Bryant, Parliament
Jim Braunreuther, arts coordinator, Charleston County Schools
Duda Lucena, musician, Brazilian singer and guitar player
art teachers, performers, designers, artisans, art enthusiasts

If we didn't include your name, feel free to include it in comments.


Tweeting Live from the Creative Town Hall Meeting at Wachovia Auditorium

We are preparing to start our Creative Town Hall meeting at the College of Charleston's Wachovia Auditorium. We are going to share ideas, suggestions and comments live on Twitter as well as post our survey results here on this blog. We welcome your comments on our blog.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Spaces Between Your Fingers Project

Today, just before closing, a young guy came into my gallery. He looked like an interesting, arty dude, and he started to tell me about his community art project he's launching, called The Spaces Between Your Fingers Project...it's pretty cool. He's traveling across the country, headed west from Philadelphia, to Seattle, down to southern California, back east. He's only been in Charleston for 6 hours and he's driving up to Chapel Hill tonight. His goal is to meet 3,000 creative individuals in 30 days. Very cool. I wish he could stick around to meet all the CAC kids at Town Hall on Tuesday!
Check out his website and see for yourself. Matt is the man behind this, and he's printed up all these cards for people to draw their own hand's outline on, and then fill it with advice to America. The cards are then to be mailed back to him in Philly and there will be a whole exhibition of them. You're supposed to go around and find the hand that fits your own perfectly, and the advice that is contained therein, well, that's for you. He's going to scan them all and put them online, so you can find your own card down the road, if you can't make it to the exhibition. Being a writer, I'm sure Matt will take this project into something even more than just the visual display.
I have 10 of these cards, so if you want one, let me know! email stacyhuggins@live.com
I hope you will check this out, and be inspired, moved, motivated, whatever! It's great to see the work of other Creative people in our country--makes you feel like all the hard work going on in Charleston and beyond really has a purpose and will make a difference.
Keep up the good fight guys & cheers!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nursing Creativity Through the Economic Slump on August 25

The Charleston Arts Coalition in partnership with the College of Charleston’s Tate Center for Entrepreneurship will host a Town Hall meeting titled, “Nursing Creativity Through the Economic Slump,” on August 25, 2009 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Wachovia Auditorium at the College of Charleston. The meeting is open to all Charleston creatives that are interested in exchanging ideas and bringing awareness of the importance of creative business for a thriving and prosperous cultural city. The Coalition will also announce the survey results and address the main issues that came up in the survey.

“The Coalition was created to be a voice of the people. Our goal is to host events where this voice can be heard,” says Jessica Solomon Bluestein, president of the Coalition. Meeting attendees are encouraged to share ideas and suggestions; panelists selected from different creative disciplines include Ellen Dressler Moryl, director of the Office of Cultural Affairs; Mark Sloan, curator at the College of Charleston's Halsey Institute; Karen Chandler, co-founder of Charleston Jazz Initiative and Arts Management Professor at the College of Charleston School of the Arts; and Sharon Gracie, artistic director and co-founder of PURE Theatre. The meeting will be facilitated by John W. Zinsser of Pacifica Human Communications.

The Charleston Arts Coalition, a cross-disciplinary coalition of voices aspiring to unite Charleston’s creative community, was established as a vehicle for expression and is evolving into a collaborative effort to promote and enhance Charleston’s rich array of creative disciplines including visual, culinary and performing arts, architecture, design and much more.

The Charleston Arts Coalition provides a forum and virtual gateway for creative individuals, organizations and businesses to collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, host special events and, in general, promote creativity in Charleston through advocacy, outreach, promotion and educational and professional programming.

The College of Charleston's Wachovia Auditorium in the Beatty Center is located at 5 Liberty St., Charleston. For more information about the coalition or to get involved, please visit www.charlestonartscoalition.com. Join our Facebook group to rsvp.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival Poster Competition!!

Poster Comp Ad

The BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival and Charleston Magazine call for entries for the 2010 Poster Comptetion DUE August 28!
Applications available for the 2010 competition at www.charlestonmag.com

The competition is on! Calling all artists to compete for a chance to win $1,000 and the title of Official Poster Artist of the 2010 BB&T Charleston Wine and Food Festival.

The winning poster (to be determined by a panel of judges representing both the local culinary and art communities) will be showcased in a special insert in Charleston magazine's December 2009 Food & Wine issue, and used for official retail merchandise.

Entry into the competition is free and open to all residents of Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties 18 years and older.

Artists' designs should illustrate Charleston's unique culinary culture and exhibit characteristics that would appropriately represent the Festival, while highlighting the 5th year anniversary of the organization. Artists are required to incorporate the signature wine stain (available with the application) into the design.

The deadline for all submissions is August 28, 2009.

For information about the competition, visit Charleston Magazine or email art@charlestonwineandfood.com.


Monday, August 10, 2009

"Measure: Creatures Great + Small" at Robert Lange Studios this September

Charleston-based painter Robert Lange plays with scale by shrinking massive animals and blowing-up mini animals in a series of 25 new works entitled Measure: Creatures Great + Small. On view from September 4 thru September 30, 2009, at Robert Lange Studios, the show is a unique investigation into how the size of an animal effects our interaction with them.

At the modest age of 28, Lange was recently the American Heart Association’s featured artist. He received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and is best known for creating bodies of work in a hyper-realist fashion.

In December of 2008, Lange’s acclaimed series Still + Life portrayed still lives with the addition of living elements such as birds and humans. In his upcoming Measure show, Lange is now giving the viewer a unique and whimsical perspective of nature; a tiny lion sits regally on a chair or a huge penguin follows a pedestrian down the sidewalk.

Some humorous, some obvious, and some more subtler but in each painting Lange has illustrated how much animals are missing from our everyday by placing them in common scenarios. For example, in one of the pieces for his September show titled, The Fox + The Pear, Lange has depicted a tiny fox sitting in a bowl next to a pear. The fox is scaled to be the same size as the pear and in a charming way sits as though he isn’t a bit out of place.

“The reason for playing with the comparative size of each animal versus their surroundings is to make people take notice. There is an intrigue that is created and captivates the viewer by skewing the scales,” says Lange. “I can’t help but feel a certain amount of disconnection from animals and nature in general and a desire to bring both into my life and at least make people think about a possible addition to theirs.”

In The Viewer, one of the works from his upcoming show, Lange paints a giant owl being viewed by two people in a museum-type setting. Due to the relative scale of the viewers and creature, the people appear overwhelmed by the twenty-foot owl before them. This piece exhibits not only the artist’s feeling towards how our natural world is now displayed but also his humbled feeling as an artist towards capturing the quintessential essence of the subject.

“I wish through realism to create a seamless feeling that makes people second guess if tiny pandas really exist or what their experience would be like to have a giant chipmunk standing next to them,” says Lange. “It’s import to me that I’m always asking questions of the viewers through my paintings and that my audience looks to find the answers.”

Measure: Creatures Great + Small series will hang at Robert Lange Studios at 151 East Bay St. from Friday, September 4 – Wednesday, September 30, 2009. The opening reception will be Friday, September 4, from 5:30 – 8:30 PM and the artist will attend.

Please visit www.robertlangestudios.com or call for more information 843.805.8052. Digital images are available upon request.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Call For Entries

The Citadel’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences invites emerging and established South Carolina artists to enter an instructional exhibition that will be juried by the cadets of Professor Tiffany Silverman’s art history class. On view in the lobby of the main academic building, Capers Hall, the exhibition will open as part of The Citadel Parents’ Weekend on Friday, October 23rd and run through December 1st. All types of 2-D media and techniques are encouraged, with a subject focus on the people and places of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Selected artists may have additional lecture and publicity opportunities.

To enter, please submit up to 3 JPEG images of 2-D works no larger than 24” x 24“ along with a CV and statement about your artistic influences and creation process to Tiffany Silverman at tiffany.silverman@citadel.edu by September 15, 2009.


CharlestonCulture.com on Caterpillar Art

Check out Caterpillar Art's blog on Word Press, great write up on CharlestonCulture.com. Thank you to Tara for the CAC/CharlestonCulture love!

Spread the word about CharlestonCulture.com to your friends, colleagues, clients, visitors to Charleston...everyone! And if you haven't created your profile, do so immediately! It's free, easy to use, open to ALL disciplines of art, and the calendar allows you to post all your events for the public to see--'Say, what's going on today in Charleston?' Hmmm, one site that tells you all the arts events happening across town...give them the answer.

Want to get the word out about your art? Have great turnouts for your events? Make more money in this stressed economic time? Create your totally FREE profile and post all your events on CharlestonCulture.com! You can link your profile back to your website, add images, bio and contact info. If you're in the arts, of any kind, interested in the arts, or just looking for something arty to do in Charleston, CharlestonCulture.com is for you!
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