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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Town Hall Meeting August 25

The Charleston Arts Coalition conducted a survey titled the " Voice of the People" - results of this survey were presented at its Creative Town Hall meeting on August 25.

Some Survey Facts:
What's missing in Charleston arts community:
- public awareness
- creative arts district
- leadership
- networking
- support from business community
- networking
- creative community needs to be seem as professional
- multi-functional facility

277 people took the survey - leading age group 40-49 (28%)

72% of the surveyed people believed that there is a need for a group that unites the creative arts community in Charleston.

Special Guests that attended the Town Hall meeting:

Katie Fox and Jeanette Guinn from the SC Arts Commission
Ellen Dressler Moryl, Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs
Marty Besancon, Cultural Arts Director of the North Charleston Cultural Arts
Mark Sloan, curator at the College of Charleston's Halsey Institute
Karen Chandler, co-founder of Charleston Jazz Initiative and Arts Management Professor at the College of Charleston School of the Arts
Sharon Gracie, Artistic Director and Co-founder of Pure Theater
Kyle Barnette from the Charleston Ballet Theater


John Zinsser of Pacifica Human Communicatrions
Contact: jzinsser@conflictbenefit.com

In the audience:

West Fraser, artist, Helena Fox Fine Art
Lese Corrigan, artist/owner at Corrigan Gallery, president of CFADA
Robert Lange, artist/owner, Robert Lange Fine Art
Tom Starland, publisher, Carolina Arts
Erin Glaze, director, City Gallery at Waterfront Park
Nandini McCauley, marketing coordinator, School of the Arts at CofC
Angela Mack, director, Gibbes Museum of Art
Marla Loftus, Gibbes Museum of Art
Patrick Bryant, Parliament
Jim Braunreuther, arts coordinator, Charleston County Schools
Duda Lucena, musician, Brazilian singer and guitar player
art teachers, performers, designers, artisans, art enthusiasts

If we didn't include your name, feel free to include it in comments.


PB said...

Great Town Hall! Thanks to all that helped make it happen. I look forward to working together to make Charleston a Better Place to Be a Creative.

Patrick Bryant
Managing Partner
Go To Team

Christine said...

I am excited to see the energy of the creative spectrum in Charleston come together to work together. Collaboration and communication are strong forces. Keep up the good work.