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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nursing Creativity Through the Economic Slump on August 25

The Charleston Arts Coalition in partnership with the College of Charleston’s Tate Center for Entrepreneurship will host a Town Hall meeting titled, “Nursing Creativity Through the Economic Slump,” on August 25, 2009 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Wachovia Auditorium at the College of Charleston. The meeting is open to all Charleston creatives that are interested in exchanging ideas and bringing awareness of the importance of creative business for a thriving and prosperous cultural city. The Coalition will also announce the survey results and address the main issues that came up in the survey.

“The Coalition was created to be a voice of the people. Our goal is to host events where this voice can be heard,” says Jessica Solomon Bluestein, president of the Coalition. Meeting attendees are encouraged to share ideas and suggestions; panelists selected from different creative disciplines include Ellen Dressler Moryl, director of the Office of Cultural Affairs; Mark Sloan, curator at the College of Charleston's Halsey Institute; Karen Chandler, co-founder of Charleston Jazz Initiative and Arts Management Professor at the College of Charleston School of the Arts; and Sharon Gracie, artistic director and co-founder of PURE Theatre. The meeting will be facilitated by John W. Zinsser of Pacifica Human Communications.

The Charleston Arts Coalition, a cross-disciplinary coalition of voices aspiring to unite Charleston’s creative community, was established as a vehicle for expression and is evolving into a collaborative effort to promote and enhance Charleston’s rich array of creative disciplines including visual, culinary and performing arts, architecture, design and much more.

The Charleston Arts Coalition provides a forum and virtual gateway for creative individuals, organizations and businesses to collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, host special events and, in general, promote creativity in Charleston through advocacy, outreach, promotion and educational and professional programming.

The College of Charleston's Wachovia Auditorium in the Beatty Center is located at 5 Liberty St., Charleston. For more information about the coalition or to get involved, please visit www.charlestonartscoalition.com. Join our Facebook group to rsvp.


Tim said...

Since so many are talking about being more creative during this economic slump, why not think outside the box a bit? Here's what I mean.

It's amazing that there are plenty of skill sets that are for whatever reason not "conventional" enough to be taught in schools, but the mastery of which would lead to more autonomy.

Most of us are trained to be employees- nothing wrong with that, but thinking that way can be a kind of tunnel vision that keeps many from learning skills that would allow them to carve out their own path to income and contribution.

One of them is as close as the computer in front of you. No really, for the first time in history, we are 3 feet in front of the world, yet few learn how to use it in a way to render 1) value to others and 2)income for themselves.

There ARE ways to learn this stuff, if you can avoid all the junk and find good and reputable sources. The great thing about it is the very process of learning how to market or gain customers through online means can help virtually ANY business as well.