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Thursday, July 10, 2008

thanks sarah yoder

we have been getting lots of nice emails and after we have our task force meeting on monday i am sure more people will post them, but here is one i just got that seems helpful

hello, my name is sarah boyts yoder, i'm an artist (painter) here in charleston. i used to have a studio over at spark gallery & studios and am a member at redux...
i attended the first meeting re. arts space in downtown charleston at redux a while back and have since been keeping up with the blog, etc.

i just came across this website from a company in boston, ma. they seem to address the same issues at hand here in charleston in an interesting way. artists, developers, real estate companies/agencies working together. there certainly is no shortage of any of these people in charleston..

anyway, thought i would pass along something interesting and related to the discussion here.

sarah boyts yoder