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This blog will be a resource for recording thoughts, ideas, schemes, and anything else that develops on the way to forming a unified voice and center for the Charleston arts community. Everything presented here is subject to change.

How does this work?

There will be a designated set of authors who will be responsible for posting topics for discussion, to begin with anyone may comment on a discussion topic or suggest a new post but only the authors may post new topics (this is mostly to avoid spamming and over posting). In time this can develop into an online wiki or discussion board style web page of information and ideas, but at the moment a blog is the most direct, immediate and open way to track the development of the ideas being developed. if you have a suggestion or want to post please send email to

Thursday, July 31, 2008


One of the first goals of the newly formed Charleston Arts Coalition is to create a website. Please see the proposed idea below and as always feel free to email any ideas, changes, or input to the group. We're always looking for members and support!  You will find below just a general outline of the website and how we will be creating it. All of this is open to change.


Main Categories: Visual / Literary / Film / Theatre & Dance / Music / Culinary / Wearable / Art Supporters

charlestonculture.com would be the foremost Arts promoter in the Charleston area providing a network of arts information and resources, which connects all sectors of community life, and is accessible to the general public. The site also creates an avenue to foster a dynamic arts environment by: broadening public access, appreciation, participation, and education in the arts and culture of the area.

About & Need:

charlestonculture.com is needed in Charleston so that the creative community can have control over dispersing their own information and increase the visibility of the Arts by managing their own content. charlestonculture.com will have:

a customizable, user-friendly web interface
a searchable calendar of events
directory listings for organizations, venues, and schools
individual artist profile listings
online forms for community submissions
and much more

please refer to the creativewilmington.com site as a model. Charlestonculture.com will consist of over 1200 creative categories in 8 disciplines.

Purpose & People:

The Charleston Arts Coalition, a team dedicated to unifying the arts in Charleston, will be initially responsible for promoting the site among Charleston's art community. CAC is a newly established Charleston based arts group, working for a broad public understanding of, and appreciation for, the positive impact the arts play in enriching cultural, economic, and intellectual life in our community (the CAC's full mission statement and memorandum of understanding are currently in development).

A portion of the annual fee generated from the site will be used to market the web site through various media. The advertising will be done locally, and everyone on the site must live, work, or be able to work in the Charleston area. The website will be developed and maintained by Modular Graphics & Media of Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Board of Directors of charlestonculture.com includes one or two people from each discipline.
*this list is subject to change before the launch date, set for September and is just preliminary.  If you are interest in being a board member please email or call.

Visual - Anne (Gallery Director) & Karin (Artist & Director)
Literary - Marcus (Writer)
Film - Jason (Videographer) & Kevin (Photographer)
Theatre & Dance - Emily (Preforming Arts Advisor) & Sharon (Performer)
Music - Quinton (Musician) & Matt (Musician)
Culinary - Colleen (Culinary Supervisor) & Mickey (Restaurant Manager)
Wearable - Ashley (Boutique Owner)
Supporters - Andrea (Gallery Owner) & Elaine (Charleston Artist Guild)

In addition to this list there are supports and volunteers working under each of the directors.

The Executive Directors of the site are:
Megan (Gallery Owner & Web Designer) & Olivia (Magazine Owner & Graphic Designer)