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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Art Studios for Rent Downtown

So many artists need space. Check out this great opportunity!

Art Studios available for rent downtown- $200/month, with 24 hour access, monthly open studio events and exhibition opportunities. Call Tina 843.709.1279 or Angie 843.693.3482 to schedule a tour!

If you haven’t seen Spark Studios and Gallery lately, plan to attend the next Open Studio on Friday December 18th, 6-9 pm, featuring the work of Danny McSweeney, Amanda Momeier, Angie Brown, Jen Husvar, John Davis, Michael Barnett, and Tina Christophillis. It’s a whole new Spark- the heavy layer of clay dust has been washed away and fresh coats of paint have been applied. And with the addition of five newly constructed studio spaces, Spark doubles its creative population.

Spark Studios and Gallery at 12 Hagood Avenue, reinvents itself. The downtown art space shifts focus from pottery instruction to local art hub. Spark now hosts a hive of working artist studios, an exhibition space for local contemporary artists, and an expanded class curriculum. Spark has been a Charleston mainstay since 2006, serving the creative community with pottery classes led by owner Danny McSweeney. Danny will soon be heading to Mexico to concentrate on his work, handing over the management reins to Angie Brown and Tina Christophillis.
Currently home to several potters, a glassblower, a stone sculptor and a painter, a few studios still remain open for rent- and all media are welcome. Spark hosts monthly Open Studio and Exhibition events, inviting the public to come meet the resident artists and view their work.

Exciting things have been planned for the new Spark Studios and Gallery. Regular exhibitions of local artists will be held in the main gallery in conjunction with the open studio events for the resident artists. Classes will resume in the spring with a broader scope, including drawing and painting.


Anonymous said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄..................................................

Anonymous said...

these studios have been closed for over a year. please do not call.