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Friday, February 12, 2010

Studio Space Available

Hi Artists and Friends, Please forward this on to anyone you think may be interested. Thanks!
Just wanted to let everybody know about a great new opportunity for studio space located downtown just off the crosstown at 656 King Street. Nic Roberts and his partner Lane are looking for artists to inhabit about 10 private studios and 10 communal studio memberships that are currently being laid out to fill a warehouse space on King Street next to the Center for Photography. Is you studio space too small, are you overpaying for it, or is it taking up too much room in your house? This is a great opportunity to become part of a community of artists in Charleston who want a space to work and to share their cool craft capabilities with others. The space, tentatively called Tivoli Studios, will be a center for exhibiting awesome artistic creations and abilities, as well as a place for a non-profit venture to introduce disadvantaged kids to the world of working as an artist. Participate as much or as little as you like, but to have a private studio or be a member of the communal one, you gotta be a believer. Green conscious, and progressive, and boasting an interior inspired by botanical gardens, this space will be used to host events of all kinds and is a great opportunity to get your product or art more foot traffic and interest than it might otherwise get. Once these studios go up, it will take no time at all for them to go like hot cakes. There will also be a second location for heavy duty, loud and messy arts! Reserve your studio today and be in business by the time the market starts back up! And they are affordable!!!!! Anyone who gets to be a part of Nic and Lane's vision will be lucky to call 656 King Street the home of their creative inspirations! Please contact Nic Roberts at 843-367-2524 or email him at nicrobertsusa@yahoo.com for more information.

Libby Ganong
Add Libb Designs
1A Wesson Ave
Charleston, SC, 29403


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