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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Charleston Arts Coalition by Elaine Hruska

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(The Newsletter from the Charleston Artist Guild)

The Charleston Arts Coalition by Elaine Hruska

Back in the spring an open forum was held at Redux Studio to discuss the lack of affordable space in downtown Charleston for artists. Passionate individuals from within the arts community subsequently met to exchange ideas and continue the conversation; a grass-roots organization was born.

Today The Charleston Arts Coalition is a formal organization whose mission it is to unite, enhance and sustain the greater Charleston arts community. Jessica Bluestein, of the Tate Center for Entrepreneurship at the College of Charleston, is president.

The Coalition is a forum for creative individuals and organizations from all artistic disciplines to collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, and host special events, all with the goal of promoting
Our very talented and gifted artistic community.

This new organization is seeking feedback from musicians, artists, performers, dancers, architects, designers, filmmakers, writers, poets, publishers, chefs, patrons and visual & performing arts organization. A survey is being taken in order to understand how to best serve Charleston’s creative community. The organization would greatly appreciate our Guild members taking the time to visit their web site, www.charelstonartscoalition.com, to take part in this survey.

“We'’d like to hear from you. You are Charleston’s creative class, a driving force for economic development in the greater Charleston area” says Bluestein.

One of the first projects that has resulted from the formation of the Coalition is a new web site, www.CharlestonCulture.com. This interactive and comprehensive website will be a virtual home for our community to share its creativity with each other and the world.

Personally I’'m proud to be part of this new vehicle that will unite the entire arts community, support our colleague’s endeavors and allow all our voices to be heard by a wider audience. I believe the Coalition will be of great benefit to our members and I hope in turn you will be supportive of its efforts.