What is this?

This blog will be a resource for recording thoughts, ideas, schemes, and anything else that develops on the way to forming a unified voice and center for the Charleston arts community. Everything presented here is subject to change.

How does this work?

There will be a designated set of authors who will be responsible for posting topics for discussion, to begin with anyone may comment on a discussion topic or suggest a new post but only the authors may post new topics (this is mostly to avoid spamming and over posting). In time this can develop into an online wiki or discussion board style web page of information and ideas, but at the moment a blog is the most direct, immediate and open way to track the development of the ideas being developed. if you have a suggestion or want to post please send email to

Friday, June 27, 2008

Looking Forward

It's been wonderful talking to the art community and working with the members of the Charleston Arts Coalition on this exciting project.  I can't walk past a vacant building in Charleston without visualizing a potential home for the arts center.  I can already see artists at work through the windows and giant bulletin boards filled with upcoming events on the walls.  The July 1 roundtable discussion is just another step in helping this amazing city achieve such a place.